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Digital Flooring


What we do

Our team has devised a process to digitally lay
flooring in commercial and domestic environments, to generate photo
realistic images that are a true colour match to the flooring material.
Creative Frenzy’s highly skilled artists utilise 3D software and specially
developed techniques to highlight distinctive flooring textures,
beveled edges and matt or gloss finishes.

Benefits of Digital Flooring

  • Realistic imagery of flooring within a room-set environment
  • True colour representation of surface textures, lighting and shadows
  • Market your products from prototypes
  • No need for expensive and time-consuming photo shoots and set-ups
  • Clients have full control over images throughout the whole process using our online approval system
  • Access images at a time to suit you – no problem if working in a different time zone
  • Ability to amend non-flooring aspects of the image
  • Creative Frenzy have a ‘Top Secret’ confidentiality policy
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