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    CGI stands for Computer Generated Image. It is an image created within 3D software with no need for photographic involvement. The continual progression of software and our developing skills allows us to create photo-realistic images using these CGI technologies, with no need for traditional photography.

  • What We Do

    You supply us with a brief. We then use our virtual photography studio to create a room-set environment, based upon this brief. This can then be altered to suit your needs: props can be changed, lighting can be adjusted and you can change the camera position and angle to capture various images. Surface structures and bevels maintain a focal point of images, to meet the demands of your marketing needs.

  • Benefits of CGI

    • The virtual photography set can be any size or design, there are no restrictions
    • As everything sits within a virtual studio, you can revisit old shots and make changes for future imagery
    • Re-rendering an existing set is cost effective and takes less time than a traditional photography set-up
    • We can adjust the lighting, layout and positioning of props to contextualise your flooring for your
      target consumer
    • The camera can be moved to capture various angles and aspects of the room-set environment